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March Fixtures

Week 40 02/03/20

7.30pm Family Guys Vs Dadlington Stanley

8.00pm Dadjuk Split Vs Borussia MoenchenDadbach

8.30pm Dadizo Vs Tottenman Hotspur

Week 41 09/03/20

7.30pm Inter MiDad Vs Family Guys

8.00pm Tottenman Hotspur Vs Dynamo Dadsden

8.30pm Dadlington Stanley Vs FenerDadche

Week 42 CUP Fixtures 16/03/20

7.30pm Borussia MoenchenDadbach Vs Mk Dads

8.00pm Tottenman Hotspur Vs FenerDadche

Week 43 23/03/20

7.30pm Tottenman Hotspur Vs MK Dads

8.00pm Borussia MoenchenDadbach Vs Inter MiDad

8.30pm Dadizo Vs Dadjuk Split

Week 44 CUP Fixtures 30/03/20

7.30pm Cup Semi Final


8.00pm Cup Semi Final