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Norfolk and Waveney Wellbeing Service

Match of the Dads are proud to be partnered with the Norfolk and Waveney Wellbeing Service. Together we provide support for those who need it, and raise awareness for male mental health, especially amongst Dads.

The Wellbeing Service offer help and support to improve wellbeing and manage stress, low mood and anxiety. They aim to reduce the onset of mental ill health, prevent deterioration and promote recovery by offering a range of flexible services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Wellbeing is important to us all. We want to feel good about ourselves, to get the most out of our lives and feel connected to other people. ‘Wellbeing’ means feeling more than just happy and confident, it means feeling able to cope when things get tough in our lives or when our physical health suffers.

Their services are free and are available to people aged 16 and over living in Norfolk & Waveney.

If you are aged 16 and over you can access their support through your GP or any other health or social care professional, or you can self-refer using the form on their website or by calling them:
0300 123 1503 – lines open 9am-5pm.


Their services, provided in community settings throughout the region, include a wide range of workshops and courses, talking therapies, including counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. Alongside this we also offer social support within the community including peer support work, employment advice and social events.

Throughout the last year, lots of us have experienced mental health difficulties, or have seen someone struggle.

We want everyone to know that they can reach out to us if they need support, or someone to just talk to. We are here to listen.

Living with mental health problems comes with many challenges. It’s often overwhelming and emotionally draining and articulating thoughts and feelings can feel near impossible.

Here at the Wellbeing Service in Norfolk and Waveney, we want everyone to know that we are here to help. Our services include:

  • One-to-one support

  • Educational Webinars

  • Social Events

  • Employment Support

  • Wellbeing in the Workplace Workshops

  • Long-term condition support

  • Self-help tips

  • Podcasts… and more!

Ultimately, we are here to help you live your life to the full.

For more information, please visit

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