Dadston Villa 8 Vs 9 Dadford City

Dadston Villa 8

Cott 3 Pilsbury-Gaunt 2 Brock 1 Cross 1 Stabler-Hall 1

Dadford City 9

Mace 4 Robinson 4 Slatford 1

Dadford City scored a late penalty to snatch victory from Dadston and are now within a point of moving off the bottom of the table. Dadston had dropped out of the running for the title with defeat in their last game, and struggled to get the better of Dadford in an entertainingly tight first half. Dadford have improved well under the stewardship of Kelleher, and stand in captain Slatford continued that progress with an impressive first half which saw Dadford hold Dadston to a narrow 3-2 lead at the interval .

The second half followed the same pattern, with both sides pegging each other back. Dadford were boosted by the loan appearance of Mace, but new signing Robinson also impressed by matching him with 4 goals on his debut, whilst Cott was a constant threat at the other end. With the scores locked at 8-8 as the seconds ticked down, the game looked to be heading for a draw, but a sloppy pass back was picked up, and Dadford tucked away the penalty to secure a well earned 3 points.




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