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10/09/2018 Papathinaikos 10 vs 11 Oldman Athletic

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Oldman Athetlic leapfrogged Papathinaikos in the table after a last gasp fightback in a Match of the Dads thriller.

The teams shared plenty of chances in the opening stages, with Brigham continuing his fine form in finding the back of the net as Papathinaikos were looking to put pressure on the top two with victory as they led 9 - 6 at the half time interval.

A spirited half time team talk from Captain Pullen must have sparked Oldman into life as they produced a resolutely defensive and attacking display to secure a stunning fightback, scoring a further 5 goals whilst conceding just one to secure a last-gasp victory and their second win on the bounce.

Darren Brigham (18) is certainly the man to beat in the Golden Boot so far, boasting a 6 goal per game average, whilst Adam Julian's (11) 2 goal return edges him ahead of Wiseman (10) in 3rd.

Ant Ashton (-6.3) leads the way in the Golden Glove with Weir (-8.3) in second. Godfrey, Wynn and Halford share 3rd spot (-10).

Next Monday is a top-of-the-table clash between Real Ma-Dad and Dad's Army. Papa next face Real Ma-Dad on 08/10/2018 whilst Oldman are aware to Dadston Villa on 24/09/2018.

Dad of the Match: Danny Halford Papathinaikos 10 1. Godfrey (GK)

2. Murdoch 43. Holmes (1)

44. Mac (1)

45. Brigham (5)

46. Gately (1)

56. Jones (2) 5. Harber (L)~ Oldman Athletic 11 27. Halford (GK)

4. Pullen (1)

6. Tooke (1)

28. Julian (2) 30. Rivett (L)

67. Fermoy (L) (2)

Mace (L) (4)

Daniels (L) (1)


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