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10/12/18 Dads Army 21 - 14 Dadalona FC.

Dad’s Army 21

Earley 7

Mace (L) 7

Harber 3

Charles 3

Fermoy (L) 1

Dadalona 14

Thurston 13

Rivett 1

Dad’s Army battled past Dadalona to level on points with second placed Dadston Villa in another 35 goal feast featuring Dadalona. Kevin Thurston scored 13 goals for the second time in three games but it wasn’t enough to stop his side losing to a determined Dads Army side who stop a run of back to back defeats.

Dadalona have been on some unbelievable form since signing Thurston, scoring a mouth watering 45 goals whilst conceding just 18 from their past two games but it was the home side who got the better start. Baird-Parker was rightfully booked for a clumsy challenge that epitomised the pressure Dadalona’s defence was constantly under as Earley returned to his best form alongside loanee Mace to ease their side into a comfortable 14 - 6 half time lead. Thurston did his best to keep his side in the game with some trademark neat finishing in the second half, but further goals from Charles, Harber and Fermoy made the win safe as Harber’s side saw out the 21 - 14 win.

Thurston’s 13 goals see him leap clear in the Golden Boot, amassing a stonking 22 goal lead over Mark Wiseman (24) with an incredible return of 46 goals in 5 games. If he can continue that form in his sides remaining 3 fixtures he could reach an incredible 73 goals! James Earley (21) also returns to the top three after his 7.

This was the last fixture before our Christmas break which will see us return on Monday 14th January 2019. From all of us at Match of the Dads, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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