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13/08/2018 Papathinaikos 13 - 7 Dadford City

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Papathinaikos 13

1. Godfrey (GK) (C)

45. Brigham (9)

2. Murdoch (1)

43. Holmes (1)

44. Mac

13. Taylor (L) (1)

27. Halford (L) (1)

8. Rowe (L)

Dadford City 7

16. Wynn (GK) (C)

60. Slatford

61. Staughton

62. Kelleher

64. Martin (2)

65. Lovett

30. Rivett (L) (2)

68. Thurston (L) (3)

Dad of the Match: Darren Brigham

Papathinaikos kept the pressure on the top teams with a well earned victory over newly formed Dadford City, largely thanks to an emphatic display by Dad of the Match Darren Brigham which returned 9 goals. Dadford struggled in the opening stages as Papathinaikos rushed into a comfortable 4-0 lead but soon got into the game and pulled level at 4-4 approaching half time. In the second half Papa cranked up a gear to regain the lead but Dadford refused to give up and again from a 8-4 deficit almost pulled level as the score reached 8-7 as the game entered the final quarter. Papa's quality held out and thanks to further goals for Brigham pulled out a 13-7 lead but Dadford should not be disheartened by a spirited display.

Dad of the Match Brigham unsurprisingly shoots to the top of the scoring charts with 13 goals in total. Both Earley and Debbage sit on 9 in joint second behind him. Brigham now boast a goal scoring ratio of almost double anyone else this season.

A decent defensively display, aided by the loan of Taylor, leaves Godfrey 3rd in the golden glove. Just 1.2 goals per game seperate the top three keepers!

Next up; Papa face Oldman Athletic on 10/09/18 whilst Dadford City host Dadston Villa on 03/09/18.


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