15/10/2018 Dadston Villa 8 - 4 Dadalona FC

Daston Villa 8

Brock (3)

Cott (3)

Cross (1)

Tillett (1)

Dadalona FC 4

Thurston (2)

Gillick (1)

Own Goal (1) Dadston Villa drew level on points with 2nd placed Dads Army after a fine display in their 8-4 victory over Dadalona FC which leaves the away side rooted to the bottom of the table. Mark Marshall’s men were boosted by the pre kickoff reveal of new signing Kevin Thurston but it was Dadston Villa who started sharpest. Dadston have certainly improved with the return of Stu Barker in goal, and after 2 games he is looking like a serious golden glove contender as he again produced a number of top saves whilst loanee Weir was also busy in the Dadalona net. The match was not short of entertainment, as several penalties were scored, saved and missed but Dadston held out comfortably for their 3rd win on the bounce. If he keeps up his good form, Stu Barker (-4.5) will assume the lead in the golden glove after his next match as he currently holds a 1.5 advantage over Ashton (-6) whilst there were no major changes in the Golden Boot. Kevin Thurston signing up for Dadalona mean his figures reset to zero so he stands on 2 goals after Monday’s game. Next up we have another a double header as Dadalona FC look to take their first points at home to Papathinaikos, whilst on the neighbouring pitch Dadford City face table toppers Real Ma-Dad.

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