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17/09/18 Real Ma-Dad 10 - 8 Dads Army

A top of the table clash should contain everything; exquisite football, beautiful goals, thundering challenges and controversy, and Match of the Dads never disappoints. Dads Army and Real Ma-Dad were the 2 remaining unbeaten sides in the league, and the leagues two top scorers so it was always destined to be a classic.

Real started full strength for 2nd game in a row, whilst Dads Army had Chris Debbage replace Brian Weir between the sticks, and loaned in George Mace who impressed during his debut last week.

The game started at a blistering pace, and a rare mistake at the back by Real early on saw Mace left in space to slide the ball past Ashton to take an early lead. Real pushed back immediately and were rewarded with a spot-kick when the keeper was adjudged to have picked up a direct pass back and Watkins sent Debbage the wrong way to even things up within the first 5 minutes. Real start to show their class as they worked their way into a 6-3 lead approaching halftime, but Dads Army rallied impressively and took advantage of 2 hotly contested penalties to claw things back to 6-6 at the half time break.

With things level, the tempo in the second half dropped as both teams looked to keep things tight with Ereira, Taylor, Harber and Barnes doing well to thwart attacks at either end, and Ashton and Debbage making numerous saves to keep the scoring down. Space on the pitch was at an absolute premium as both teams slogged it out as they struggled for rhythm. As the half wore on Real started to assert their authority as they edged into the lead with goals from Kemp and Wiseman but Mace and Earley were a constant threat on the counter as Dads Army refused to give up and were always within a goal of Real. As the game entered the final period, Real scored two goals for which Dads Army could find no reply.

MOTM: TBC For the first time this season, we have a new league leader as Real Ma-Dad climb above Dads Army by 1 point and remain the only unbeaten side in the league this season - a record that now spans 12 games from the beginning of last season.

The new boys continue to rule the Golden Boot with Brigham (18) followed by Wiseman (12) whilst Ashton (-6.8) leads Weir (-8.3) in the Golden Glove.

We have 2 fixtures next week; Dadston Villa vs Oldman Athletic and Dadalona FC vs Dadford City before our mid-season 1 week break.

Real Ma-Dad 10

7. Ashton (GK)

3. Ereira (1)

10. Kemp (2)

13. Taylor (1)

32. Watkins (1)

38. Chilvers (2)

39. Bailey (1)

57. Wiseman (2)

Dads Army 8

41. Debbage (GK)

5. Harber (2)

9. Earley (1)

14. Barnes (1)

24. Charles

37. Townsend

55. Buck

Mace (Loan) (4)


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