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19/11/18 Dadston Villa 5 - 8 Real MaDad

Dadston Villa 5 Cott 3 Tillett 1 Cross 1 Real MaDad 8 Kemp 3 Wiseman 2 Chilvers Watkins Taylor Real MaDad extended their lead at the top of the table to 7 points with a well fought win over 2nd placed Dadston Villa. In the 2nd fixture following the change to 5aside, it was a strictly different affair between the two best defensive sides in the league proving a very tight battle for victory. After a great opening period by Dadston with Real finding themselves 5-2 down towards the end of the first half, as has become a staple of this side over the past year, they superbly outclassed their opponents in a controlled 2nd half, shutting up shop and scoring 4 without reply to win the game. Both teams boasted full strength sides with Dadston only missing Haynes, whilst Real welcomed back Kemp and Taylor to return to full strength. Ahead of the game it was expected that the new rules would most likely suit Reals flowing style of play and in the opening stages that held true, a nice passing move ended as Taylor found Kemp free on the left to slot the ball beyond Barker for a deserved lead. However, it was Dadston who grew into the game and after the first subs stoppage they proved far too aggressive for Reals static defence, and although Taylor managed to earn one back against the run of play, Dadston raced into a deserved 5-2 lead with the presence and dynamic movement of Cott, Tillett, and Cross leaving Real chasing shadows. Cott in particular took full advantage by scoring a hat-trick of trademark long range power strikes that gave Ashton no chance when he was allowed far too much time and space on the ball. Never accepting defeat, Real dug in and pulled back two goals, including a classy finish from Watkins, which drew Real back into a game where most teams may have crumbled as the half time whistle blew at 5-4 to Dadston. The second half started similar to the first with Real responding strongly to draw level, but as Dadston again grew into the game Ashton had to be on top form to make several important saves from Cott and Cross to keep the scores even. Although the game was a close battle for most of the second half, Real eventually began to take control with their trademark passing and probing, with a busy Baker making saves with every part of his body to keep them at bay. Almost 20 minutes passed without a goal before Taylor found Kemp in space on the left. A deft backheel set himself free of the Dadston defence and he bent the ball past Baker to finally make the breakthrough. Now ahead in the game, Real were a different prospect and cleverly took the sting out of the game with refined passing and moving to kill the tempo and a further two goals from Wiseman and Chilvers made the 3 points safe. Real will be relieved they overcame a very stern test, for Dadston it is a case of what if as they could not keep up the intensity that bought them the lead in the first half and could have won them the game. Dad of the Match - Andy Cross In a battle of the two best defensive teams, Ant Ashton (-5.3) edges Stu Baker (-6) for the golden Glove whilst Mark Wiseman’s (24) 2 goals claw him above Kevin Thurston (23) in the Golden Boot. Next Monday we have a double header as Papathinaikos host Dadalona, whilst last week’s injury hit Dadford City vs Dads Army fixture is rearranged.


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