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26/11/18 Papathinaikos 7 - 21 Dadalona FC, Dadford City 20 - 9 Dads Army

Papathinaikos 7 - 21 Dadalona FC

Papathinaikos 7 Jones 3 Murdoch 2 Holmes 1 Parker 1

Dadalona FC 21 Thurston 10 Mace 7 Gillick 4

Dadalona recorded back to back victories for the first time to haul themselves up to 4th with Thurston again in inspirational form as they comfortably thrashed Papathinaikos 21 - 7 in their second high scoring rout on the bounce. Heading into the game, Papa were hoping to catch up ground on the top three whilst Dadalona were looking to climb the table after their first taste of victory last time out and again it was Kevin Thurston who took centre stage by slamming in a number of early chances to give Dadalona the lead. Papathinaikos struggled to find their rhythm as their usually slick passing was far too sloppy and Dadalona were clearly in the mood to take advantage. Marshall and Whiteside did well to stunt the Papa attacks whilst Thurston and Mace started to link up well and were both finishing every chance that opened up to them. Although Jones and Murdoch pulled one back each, the half ended a very comfortable 12 - 2 to the away side with Thurston pocketing 7. The second half saw Papa pose much more of a threat, with Murdoch and Jones linking well, but they simply could not deal with Dadalona’s onslaught at the other end on Godfrey’s goal who, despite producing some excellent saves, was often left helpless as Mace, Gillick and Thurston toyed with Papa’s defence and it became a case of how many before the final whistle came. Marshall will be pleased his team have found a good balance with a good defensive and attacking display, whilst Godfrey will be hoping his side can rediscover their early season form that bought them great success.

Dadford City 20 - 9 Dads Army

Dadford City 20 Wynn 7 Roe 7 Martin 4 Slatford 2

Dads Army 9 Earley 4 Harber 2 Townsend 1 Barnes 1 Charles 1

Dadford City leapfrogged Papa and Oldman to climb into 5th in the table with a surprise victory over Dad's Army and they now sit just 3 points behind their opponents with a game in hand. Dad’s Army were primed to retake second spot off rivals Dadston but a rejuvenated Dadford hit the ground running and deservedly led 9-3 at the half time whistle. The second half turned into a goal fest with 17 goals scored between the sides. Dadford Captain Wynn scored 7 in a rare foray outfield, whilst Roe also produced another stunning performance with 7 goals to his name as well. Dad’s Army welcomed back James Earley who produced 4 goals on his return from boxing, but he couldn’t stop his team taking a battering in the second half as Dadford ran out 20 - 9 winners. Dad of the Match: Nigel Dale

Kevin Thurston (33) storms back to the top of the Golden Boot as he leads Mark Wiseman (24) by 9 goals whilst Adam Gillick and James Earley (both 14) jump up to joint 5th thanks to their 4 goal hauls. In the golden glove, the high scoring games haven’t helped affairs and it is now very much looking a two horse race between the top two’s keepers; Real’s Ashton (-5.3) and Dadston’s Barker (-6).

Next up we have Real MaDad who will be looking to extend their lead at the top as they host Oldman Athletic at Hall Road on Monday. See you then!


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