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Dadston Villa 6 - Papathinaikos 15

Dadston Villa 6

Tillett 2

Brock 2

Cott 2

Papathinaikos 15

Daniels 5

Murdoch 4

Jones 3

Slatford (L) 3

The title race took yet another turn as Papathinaikos comfortably beat Dadston Villa to propel themselves into second and turn the title race into a three horse race. Papathinaikos have been on an impressive run of form, winning their past 4 games back to back, scoring 70 goals in the process and look to chase down Real with two games remaining.

Dadston needed to beat their rivals to keep within distance of Real at the top of the table, but Papathinaikos, in their own quest to reach the summit of the table, had other ideas and continued their rich vein of form to dominate the first half. Chris Daniels, Paul Murdoch and Paul Jones were putting in good shifts and tucked away finishes, whilst keeper Godfrey thwarted Brock and Tillett’s efforts to keep things goalless at the other end. Papathinaikos ended the half with a comfortable 5-0 lead.

With Dadston knowing nothing but victory would do, they started the second half much better. Tillett, Brock and Cott weighed in with 2 goals apiece as they tried to be more aggressive in approach, but pushing forwards meant more space was left at the back and Papa took full advantage to score 10 in response themselves.

Papa now find themselves all the way up in second after 12 points have hauled them up the table, and they must now win their remaining 2 games and hope Real drop all 6 of their potential points to stand a chance of being champions. 4th Placed Dad’s Army have a game in hand, and winning all 3 of their remaining games would see them as champions if Real fail to win their remaining two. Real, however, are still in the best position as one victory from their last two games would seal the title.


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