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Oldman Athletic 12 - 15 Papathinaikos

Hall Road provided top class action once again as a Monday night double header saw two closely matched and entertaining games. Dads Army drew level on points with second placed Dadston Villa as they overcame a stubborn Dadford City, whilst Papathinaikos made it back to back wins and climb above Oldman into 4th.

Oldman Athletic 12

Mace 6

Stabler-Hall (L) 4

Piggin 1

Pullen 1

Papathinkaikos 15

Murdoch 6

Roe 3

Jones 2

Holmes 2

OG 2

Papathinaikos kept up their fine run of form in recent games to take all three points against Oldman Athletic. Papa had the best of the first half, with Murdoch running the show and Papa finished the half comfortably leading a well deserved 10 - 4. The second half was a different story, as Oldman tried to force the issue with better offensive play. Newly joined loanee Stabler-Hall and Mace impressed as Oldman fought back well. There was a worrying incident in the second half when Oldman ‘keeper Halford saved well from Murdoch but was left concussed and had to be replaced by Rowe in goal and this seemed to spur Oldman on as Papa had no subs remaining and started to run out of steam as the match wore on. Oldman should be very pleased with their second half showing, but Papa had just enough quality to hold out, and further goals from Murdoch, Roe and Jones kept the three points safe as the game ended 15 - 12 in their favour. Arguably it was a game of two halfs, with Papa comfortably controlling the first, and Oldman the second but Papa just edged it with better finishing to claim the three points.


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